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Families of polar graphs

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Polar plots with changing parameters
by Cornelius Stallmann , Augusta State University

> restart:with(plots):

Warning, the name changecoords has been redefined

The Family r = 1+b*cos(theta)

> animate(1+b*cos(theta),theta=0..2*Pi,b=0..4,coords=polar,color=black,thickness=4,numpoints=100,scaling=constrained,frames=100);

[Maple Plot]

The Family r = a+cos(theta)

[Maple Plot]

The Family r = cos(t*theta)

> animate(cos(t*theta),theta=0..2*Pi,t=1..20,coords=polar,color=black,thickness=2,numpoints=1000,scaling=constrained,frames=20);

[Maple Plot]

With more frames

> animate(-cos(t*theta),theta=0..2*Pi,t=1..20,coords=polar,color=aquamarine,thickness=2,numpoints=200,scaling=constrained,frames=100, axes=none);

[Maple Plot]

> ?animate