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4D Spatially-Extended Photon and Electron Quantum Mechanical Observables For All Wavelengths and Energy Levels

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4D Einstein-Maxwell energy density analysis initiates with the fact the quantum composed in the total field formal frame of the energy density J m^(-3) = -Pa = kg m^(-3) mass density dualistic units along the trace of the electromagnetic stress tensor T???? of the Einstein equations, requires the negative outward pressure -Pa of quantum energy E = hc/?? to have some nonstandard basis for the missing quantum 3D volumetric ?? parameterization beyond the zero-dimensional (0D) Dirac delta functional ?? imaginary-invisible mathematical point particle QED-Standard Model representations of the quantum mechanical observables. Accordingly, the present nonstandard 4D photon string-like cylindrical coordinate transverse lemniscate expansion of the Poynting energy flux vector S = 1/?? E × B over one wavelength renders for all ?? the photon energy and angular momentum ? observables. Likewise, a 4D electron spherical coordinate expansion parameterized by the Bohr radii renders for all energy levels n the electron rest mass and angular momentum ?/2 observables.