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Transport Encoding/Decoding and Cryptographic Protection of Computer Storage

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Transport Encoding/Decoding
and Cryptographic Protection
of Computer Storage




NULL     The presented Maple worksheet contains two user-friendly useful applications. Running them requires the use of the left mouse button only. The first application performs `Base 64 File Encoding/Decoding`. The `Base 64` format is useful for encoding arbitrary binary information, such as, for example, *.exe files, encrypted messages, cryptographic keys and audio and image files, for transmission by electronic mail. The application is contained in the section `Base 64 File Encoding/Decoding`. It relies on the freeware executable published by John Walker (( and it enables the user to encode/decode an arbitrary file. A file encoded to the `base 64` format has its original file name with a `b64` extension added. While performing encoding/decoding the input file has been removed.
     The second application, named `Strong Computer Storage Cryptographic Protection`, is mainly a proposition for non-computer science specialists (linguists, economists, clergymen, etc.) who store secret data on their computers. It performs the following tasks: `Folder_Encryption`, `Folder_Decryption`, `Name_Decryption` or `Secret_Key`. The plain-text files to be cryptographically protected should be stored in the folder having no sub-folders. The user can also determine the folder without sub-folders where the encrypted files will be saved. It should be noted that the folder for encrypted files must not be the same as the one for plain-text files. The application encrypts the names of the plain-text files (thus the format of the plain-text file is hidden) and their contents as well. The cryptographic key of the application is made of the `AE` and `AD` Arrays, the list of integers `key` and the integer `sd`. Obviously, the user should substitute these variables by his own data calculated using the `Secret_Key` option. The key space for the procedures `encdir` and `decdir` (which use a quasigroup-based stream cipher) is very large (about 5000 bits), and, therefore, the encrypted contents of the file is unbreakable in practice. The task `Folder_Decryption` executes the decryption of all files stored in the folder. The option `Name_Decryption` deciphers the encrypted file names stored in the selected folder. It is also possible to decrypt one file or several files. Since this application contains a secret key, it should be copied to the carefully minded USB flash drive, whereas the encrypted folder can be stored anywhere (hard disk, pen drive, Microsoft `OneDrive`, etc.).
     To run the application the user should open the section `Base 64 File Encoding/Decoding` or `Computer Storage Cryptographic Protection`. While opening the sections the user can see easy-to-use GUI`s. The applications must have permission to save files in the selected folders and the processed files must not be `read only`.

Base 64 File Encoding/Decoding


Base 64 File Encoding/Decoding
Using John Walker Executable

To begin with click `Job_to_Perform`, and select 
`File_Encoding` or File_Decoding`



Computer Storage Cryptographic Protection


Computer Storage
Cryptographic Protection

To begin with click `Job_to_Perform`, and select 

`Folder_Encryption`, Folder_Decryption`, 
`Name_Decryption`  or `Secret_Key`





1. Cryptographic directory protection using the byte-oriented stream-cipher of type A256K1024
2. Maple Implementation of Transport Encryption Scheme Using the Secret Key of Length 479 Bits
3. Byte Oriented Synchronous Quasigroup Stream Cipher with a Huge Keyspace



 My special thanks to Mrs. Eithne Murray for her kind help in preparing this application.



Author: Czeslaw Koscielny, Faculty of Information Technology, Wroclaw School of Information Technology, Wroclaw, Poland,
Legal Notice: This application may contain errors and neither Maplesoft nor the author is  liable for any damages resulting from the use of this material. This application is intended for non-commercial, non-profit use only. Contact the author for permission if you wish to use this application in for-profit activities.