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Statically Indeterminate Structure

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The application allows you to determine the constraint reactions, build diagrams of the normal forces N, shear forces Q and bending moments M for beams and frames with any number of sections and degree of static indefinability. Reactions identified by a capital letter X. Indexes of reactions, chosen arbitrarily, but you should set the reactions X[1], X[2] and X[3] so that the structure has been kinematically unchanged. The application calculates the deformation (displacements) of the structure in millimeters and displays the displacements of nodes in the horizontal and vertical.  It is also possible to calculate the displacement of any point of the structure. In the program has the ability to set the stiffness of each section frame (beams) EI[i]

Example of Table input data and boundary conditions shown in the figure.




Number of sections frame (beams) = 


Table Input data


The boundary conditions on the end of the last frame (beams) section    Fx=   Fy=    M= 

Units and Options


Units of length   

Units of force

Elasticity modulus   E =

Cross-section inertia moment  I =
















Constraint reactions




Settings of loading scheme

     Scale loads display         

      Frequency distribution of q         


Calculation displacements  in section   in coordinate

Settings of diagrams

       Scale of M, Q, N diagrams    

       Frequency of  M, Q, N diagrams hatching   

       Scale of displacements diagram    

       Number of digits after the decimal point