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Vehicle Ride and Handling Tool

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Vehicle Ride and Handling


This interactive tool allows the user to try various combinations of steer- and camber-by-roll coefficients for a 3 degree-of-freedom vehicle model, and observe the effect on the yaw gain curve and the value of the understeer coefficient, K[us].



Mass and Inertia


Vehicle curb weight:                                kg

Total vehicle sprung mass weight :         kg

Unsprung weight per wheel, front:          kg

Unsprung weight per wheel, rear:            kg

Vehicle inertia about z axis:                    kg*m^2

Sprung mass inertial about x axis:           kg*m^2




Wheel base:                                         m

Track ( front and rear):                        m

Distance of CG from front axle (a):    m

Distance of CG from rear axle (b):     m

Vehicle CG height:                             m

Sprung mass CG height:                       m

Roll center height ( front/rear):             m



Tire cornering stiffness (front and rear): N/rad

Tire vertical stiffness:                              N/m 

Tire camber stiffness (front and rear):     N/rad 

Front shock absorber rate ( per wheel):   N/(m*s) 

Rear shock absorber rate ( per wheel):    N/(m*s) 

Distance between installation point of left and right springs

(front and rear):                                       m

Distance between installation point of Left and right shock absorber

(front and rear):                                       m

Installation factor for springs and shock absorbers for

front and rear wheels:                              m



First natural frequency of front suspension:  Hz         rad/s

First natural frequency of rear suspension:    Hz         rad/sNULL

Anti-roll-bar on front axle, Roll Gain:           deg/g



Front Suspension Stiffness, `k__sF`= 

Rear Suspension Stiffness, `k__sR`=

Overall Torsional Stiffness, `K__t`= 

Overall Torsional Damping, `C__t`=

Anti Roll-Bar Torsional Stiffness, `K__ARB`= 



Understeer/Oversteer Calculation, K__us








NULL  km/h   m/s




Simulation Results





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