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Double Spring Pendulum

: andy gijbels
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A chaotic pendulum is a two-dimensional dynamical system. It consists of a number of n rods connected to one an other by pivots and the pendulums contain point masses at the end of the light rods. The chaotic pendulum is an example of a physical system that exhibits chaotic behavior and shows a sensitive dependence on initial conditions. The equations derived for the motion of the chaotic pendulum are based on Kinematics and Newton's Laws. Since energy is conserved in this physical workout, the motion of the chaotic pendulum will continue indefinitely. Solving this problem with Maple allows varying the number of pendulums to 5 without to long calculation periods, which is 'impossible' by hand. Maple also gives the possibility to visualize the results in a simulation. Parameters can be set in the initialization section!

Application Details

Publish Date: July 11, 2007
Created In: Maple 11
Language: English

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