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Implicitplot for lists of curves

: Carl DeVore
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It is a commonly reported annoyance that implicitplot does not work for lists of curves. The first argument can be a set of curves, but not a list. There is no real reason for this other than bad design. That makes it difficult to plot, for example, a list of curves each in a different color. The procedure presented below corrects that. There are nine options to implicitplot which are applicable to the individual curves rather than the plot as a whole: color, coords, legend, linestyle, numpoints, style, symbol, symbolsize, and thickness . If any of these options are present with a list on the right side, then my procedure applies the kth member of the list to a kth curve. If the option is present without a list, then that option is applied to all the curves. If the color option is not specified, then my procedure uses the same sequence of colors as used by plot .

Application Details

Publish Date: April 23, 2002
Created In: Maple 7
Language: English

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