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Probabilistic Approach To Fractal Modeling Of Shapes

: Prof. Wieslaw Kotarski
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This worksheet is the continuation of On Fractal Modeling Of Contours, by the same authors. We recall that based on the astonishing result by Goldman it is possible to construct Iterated Function System (IFS) for Bezier curves and render them as attractors of their IFS. That IFS is uniquely determined by Bezier control points. Unfortunately, Goldman's method fails for linear segments that are in fact Bezier curves of degree 1. In On Fractal Modeling Of Contours we described in detail how to construct IFS both for quadratic Bezier curves and for linear segments. Quadratic Bezier arcs and linear segments create a set of parts of which one can made every shape with a sufficient accuracy. Then in On Fractal Modeling Of Contours we demonstrated some examples of contours (heart, leaves) generated fractally basing on a suitable set of IFS using deterministic method.

Application Details

Publish Date: February 21, 2005
Created In: Maple 9.5
Language: English

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