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The Maple V Share Library - Updated to Maple 10

: John Maplenut
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The Maple V Share Library was a wonderful facility for mathematicians comprising some 140 Maple routines, packages and worksheets written by Maple users and contributed freely to the Maple community. It used to be bundled as part of the Maple package but that practice ceased with Maple 6. Only some 25% of this vast corpus of knowledge is currently available via the Maplesoft Application Center. The remaining 75% has effectively been "lost" to mathematicians—until now! John Maplenut has written a short program which allows the Maple V Share Library for Windows to be accessed directly from all versions of Maple up to and including version 10. The program also works with Mac versions using the "shareman" program, included in the package. John has also been through the original Maple V Share Library from beginning to end and debugged programs which performed badly, or not at all. He has been constantly engaged in this activity for well over three years! The full shared library is available here in the Maple Application Center and on J. Maplenut's website (see related link). UPDATED JANUARY 18th, 2006

Application Details

Publish Date: November 23, 2005
Created In: Maple V
Language: English