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Theoretical Performance of a LOX-LH2 Rocket

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Liquid hydrogen (at 20.27 K) and liquid oxygen (at 90.17 K) are burned in the combustion chamber (with an infinite area ratio) of a rocket.

The combustion products contain H2, O2, H, O, OH, HO2 and H2O2

This application will calculate
  • the adiabatic flame temperature and composition of combustion products
  • the pressures and temperatures in the throat and exit
  • and the theoretical rocket performance, including the ideal specific impulse, characteristic velocity, sonic velocity and more
  • The combustion chamber is large compared to the throat, hence the assumption of an infinite area ratio
  • The flow composition does not change through the nozzle expansion (i.e. reaction rate is slow compared to flowrate). This is also known as "frozen" flow

Application Details

Publish Date: March 09, 2018
Created In: Maple 2018
Language: English

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