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AFactors - inert absolute factorization

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multivariate polynomial



The AFactors function is a placeholder for representing an absolute factorization of the polynomial p, that is a factorization over an algebraic closure of its coefficient field. It is used in conjunction with evala.


The construct AFactors(p) produces a data structure of the form [u,[[f1,ⅇ1],...,[fn,ⅇn]]] such that p=uf1ⅇ1...fnⅇn, where each fi is a monic (for the ordering chosen by Maple) irreducible polynomial.


The call evala(AFactors(p)) computes the factorization of the polynomial p over the field of complex numbers. The polynomial p must have algebraic number coefficients.


In the case of a univariate polynomial, the absolute factorization is just the decomposition into linear factors.





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