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ssystem - invoke a command in the host operating system

Calling Sequence


ssystem(command, timeout)




Maple string






The function ssystem passes command to the host operating system which performs the appropriate function.


If timeout is specified, the command is given at most that many seconds of CPU time in which to execute.  Note: The timeout parameter to ssystem may be ignored on some operating systems.


ssystem returns a 2 element list.  The first element is the return code of the command, which is operating system dependent, but usually 0 indicates success and any other value indicates failure.  This return code is the same as would be generated by system. The second element is the result of the command, in a Maple string.


If the command is terminated because of exceeding the time limit, the following list is returned



The behavior of ssystem is exactly the same as that of system, except that in the case of ssystem, the result is returned to Maple so that it can be used in the session.


Invoking interactive commands via system or ssystem can result in undefined behavior.


Some operating system commands may not be accessible via this mechanism.

Thread Safety


The ssystem command is thread-safe as of Maple 15.


For more information on thread safety, see index/threadsafe.


ssystemls -ld /u*

ssystemsleep 5,2

ssystemsleep 5,6

ssystemgrep foo .profile

ssystemgrep HOME .profile

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