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The save Statement

Calling Sequence

save name1, name2, ..., namek, fileName


name1, name2, ..., namek


names or symbols; sequence of one or more specified variables



name or string; name of the file to use



The save name1, name2, ..., namek, fileName function writes the specified variables name1, name2, ..., namek into fileName as a sequence of assignment statements. If a particular namei is not assigned a value, the assignment namei := namei is written.


Each argument except the last one is "evaluated to a name", while the last argument (the file name) is fully evaluated.


If fileName contains unusual characters (e.g., "/", ".", etc.) then the name must be entered as a string and enclosed in double quotes.


If fileName ends with the characters ".m" then namei and the assigned values are written into the file in Maple internal format. Otherwise, Maple language format is used.


See file for information on file names.



See Also

anames, convert, file, lprint, name, read, savelib, writeto

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