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plot - create a two-dimensional plot

Calling Sequence

plot(f, x)

plot(f, x=x0..x1)

plot(v1, v2)




expression in independent variable x



independent variable

x0, x1


left and right endpoints of horizontal range

v1, v2


x-coordinates and y-coordinates



The plot(f, x) calling sequence plots the real function f over a horizontal real range, which is normally 2π..2π when f is a trigonometric function and 10..10 otherwise.


The plot(f, x=x0..x1) calling sequence plots the real function f over the horizontal real range from x0 to x1.


The plot(v1, v2) calling sequence creates a curve from the points with x-coordinates v1 and y-coordinates v2, where v1 and v2 are lists or Vectors.


Note: The commonly used operator form of the calling sequence and other ways of specifying points are described in the plot/details help page. A complete list of available options can be found in the plot/options help page.

Types of Plots


For a pictorial listing of the available types of plots, as well as other resources for plotting, see the Plotting Guide.


Note: This guide is only available in the Standard interface.

Empty Plots


An empty plot can be obtained by providing an empty list [] as f or by omitting f altogether.


If an error occurs during the evaluation of the arguments to the plot command, an empty plot may result.

Interactive Plot Builder


Maple includes the Interactive Plot Builder, which provides a point-and-click interface to the plotting functionality including two and three-dimensional plots, animations, and interactive plots with sliders.


To launch the Plot Builder, run the plots[interactive] command. You can also launch the Plot Builder in the Standard Worksheet from the Tools menu. Select Assistants, and then Plot Builder. For more information, see Using the Interactive Plot Builder.

Customizing Plots


You can customize displayed plots using context menus. To display the context menu for a plot, right-click the plot (for Macintosh, Control-click).


An empty plot.


Empty plot with a specified boundary.


Plot with specified range.



If no range is specified, Maple uses the default range (2π..2π for a trigonometric plot).


Plot multiple functions on the same graph.



Plot points.



Launch the Interactive Plot Builder. Using the Plot Builder, you can easily customize plots before creating them.


The command to create the plot from the Plotting Guide is




For detailed information including:


Plotting multiple functions


Parametric plots


Plotting functions defined as procedures


Point plots


Specifying plot options in the calling sequence, including color, coordinate system, and title




Specifying a vertical range


Using different interfaces and output devices


see the plot/details help page.

See Also

plot/options, plot3d, PlotComponent, plots[animate], Plotting Guide, Using the Interactive Plot Builder

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