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history - maintain a history of all values computed

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The history function is used to maintain a history of all results computed within a Maple session, beyond what is available with the ditto operators %, %%, and %%%. A separate timing facility is also available.


After loading the history function, type history(); to initiate the history mechanism.  You will be prompted for input by the prompt O1:= and for successive statements by the prompts O2:=, O3:=, and so on. Any Maple statement entered is evaluated and displayed normally. The result is assigned to the global variables O1, O2, ... which may be referred to later, thus providing a history mechanism.


By typing off; the history session is terminated and control is passed back to the normal session.


By typing timing(expr); the time to execute the expression expr will be displayed after the normal output.


By typing clear; the values of O1, O2, ... are cleared.


Caveats: history is an ordinary Maple function, programmed in Maple. As such it cannot trap interrupts.  Hence, if you interrupt a calculation you will be thrown back to the main Maple session. The values of O1, O2, ... are still available. Note also that restart does not work in history mode.


To return an expression sequence of all user-assigned names, use the anames/'user' command.

See Also

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