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fremove - remove a file

Calling Sequence

fremove(file ...)




one or more file names or descriptors



The specified files are closed if they were open, and then removed.


If the user does not have the necessary permissions to remove a file, an error is generated.


fremove does not return anything.


The only way to ensure that a file is empty before starting to write to it is to call fremove to remove it first. This will raise an exception if the file does not exist, but this exception can be caught.

Thread Safety


The fremove command is thread safe as of Maple 15.  Be careful removing files that could be in use by parallel threads.


Parallel calls to file i/o commands on the same file descriptor will be serialized in an arbitrary order.  If you need the commands to execute in a particular order you must use Maple's synchronization tools to enforce this.  See Threads:-Mutex.


For more information on thread safety, see index/threadsafe.


fprintftestFile,This is a test







 This is a test



 Error, (in readline) file or directory does not exist


 Error, (in fremove) file or directory does not exist

tryfremovetestFilecatch:end try:

See Also

file_types, FileTools[Remove], IO_errors, rmdir

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