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currentdir - queries and/or sets the current working directory

Calling Sequence






string or symbol; directory to be set as current directory



symbol; one of



If called with no arguments, currentdir returns the current working directory as a Maple string.


If called with one argument target, currentdir sets the current working directory to the specified directory.  The currentdir command returns the previous working directory as a Maple string.


If the specified directory does not exist, or cannot be accessed for some other reason, currentdir will generate an error.


If target is a string; it is interpreted as be a path to the new directory.


If target is one of the symbols bindir, datadir, homedir, mapledir, or toolboxdir; it is interpreted as referring to the associated directory specified by the kernelopts command. For example, currentdir(mapledir) sets the current directory to the directory returned by kernelopts(mapledir).



The set of characters that are permitted in directory names is system dependent. Likewise, the character used to separate the components of a directory is system dependent. If the backslash character is to appear in the string, it must be doubled up, since Maple strings use the backslash character as an escape character.


Changing the current directory does not affect library paths that were specified in a relative way on the Maple command line; all such library paths become fully qualified, that is, absolute when Maple starts. However, library paths specified subsequently (that is, by assignment to libname) may become invalid if they were relative, and the current directory is later changed.


The current directory is not affected by the restart command.

Current Directory Indicator in Standard Interface


In the Maple Standard interface, the current directory is indicated in the status bar at the bottom of the Maple window.


This indicator is a live control.  To set a new current working directory interactively through the Maple Standard interface:


Click the current directory indicator on the status bar.


Navigate to the desired new directory.


For more information on the status bar, see Status Bar.

















See Also

getenv, kernelopts, libname, mkdir, restart, rmdir, worksheet/reference/statusline

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