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Overview of the Typesetting Package

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The Typesetting package is primarily intended as a command-line interface for controlling Typeset and 2-D equation Parsing options.


Note: The Typesetting package can only be used to typeset and parse expressions in the Standard Worksheet interface (not in the Classic Worksheet interface or Command-line version).


The control of how Maple typesets mathematical expressions has moved from a hard-coded algorithm to a rule-based system that provides more flexibility in the manner of displaying output, and some control over parsing input.


Note that the new rule-based typesetting functionality is only available when interface(typesetting) is set to extended, and the new rule-based parsing functionality is only available from the 2-D equation editor.

List of Typesetting Package Commands


The following commands allow control over typesetting, parsing and completion of 2-D math expressions in Maple.


Control of general Typeset/Parse settings

Suppress, Unsuppress

Control over function dependency suppression

EnableTypesetRule, DisableTypesetRule

Control over typesetting rules

EnableParseRule, DisableParseRule

Control over parsing rules

EnableCompletionRule, DisableCompletionRule

Control over completion rules


Control over symbol/keyword typesetting and conversion


Graphical interface for rule control


Most other Typesetting exports correspond to either internal-use routines or typesetting tags, which roughly correspond to MathML tags. The only one of these that may be useful is the Typeset export, which previews a Maple expression using rule-based typesetting regardless of the interface(typesetting) setting. Note: This previewed display should not be used in subsequent calculations, as the Maple expression is a pure typeset object whose internal representation has no meaning to the Maple engine.







See Also

interface, module, Typesetting[EnableCompletionRule], Typesetting[EnableParseRule], Typesetting[EnableTypesetRule], Typesetting[RuleAssistant], Typesetting[Settings], Typesetting[Suppress], Typesetting[UseSymbolForTypeset], with

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