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Overview of the TypeTools Package

Calling Sequence





The TypeTools package is a collection of tools for extending the set of known types in the type command.


This package can be used to extend the type command with user-defined types. AddType(t,h) installs a handler h for a new type t. Subsequent calls to type(expression, t) invoke this handler.


Each command in the TypeTools package can be accessed by using either the long form or the short form of the command name in the command calling sequence.


As the underlying implementation of the TypeTools package is a module, it is also possible to use the form TypeTools:-command to access a command from the package. For more information,  see Module Members.

List of TypeTools Package Commands


The following is a list of available commands.










To display the help page for a particular TypeTools command, see Getting Help with a Command in a Package.

See Also

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