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Overview of the Student Package



The Student package is a collection of subpackages designed to assist with the teaching and learning of standard undergraduate mathematics. There are many routines for displaying functions, computations, and theorems in various ways. There is also support for stepping through important computations.


The Student package contains the following subpackages.




fundamental mathematical concepts


single-variable calculus


linear algebra


multiple-variable calculus


numerical analysis






multiple-variable vector calculus




The Student package is also designed to provide an introduction to the power of the full Maple system.  Thus, incompatibilities between commands in the Student subpackages and similar commands in standard Maple are minimized and are carefully documented.


The Student subpackages make use of the Maple infolevel feature to provide useful feedback from many commands.  To access this facility for all the Student subpackages at once, use infolevel[Student] := 1.  To access the facility for individual subpackages, use infolevel[Student[<subpackage name>]] := 1, for example, infolevel[Student[Calculus1]] := 1.


A note on boolean options: Many of the commands in the Student packages take boolean options, that is, options of the form option_name = value, where value is one of true or false.  These options are used, for example, to control which components are included in a plot.  In all cases, the form option_name =true can be abbreviated as simply option_name.


A note on color: Many of the commands in the Student package produce plots.  The colors used for the various components of these plots can be adjusted by calling the SetColors command.


The Maple Command Completion facility is helpful for entering the names of Student package commands.

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