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Overview of the Statistics Package


The Statistics package is a collection of tools for mathematical statistics and data analysis. The package supports a wide range of common statistical tasks such as quantitative and graphical data analysis, simulation, and curve fitting. Also included is the Data Analysis Assistant, a graphical interface to the data analysis tools in the Statistics package. It can be accessed from the Tools>Assistants menu or using the InteractiveDataAnalysis command.


In addition to standard data analysis tools the Statistics package provides a wide range of symbolic and numeric tools for computing with random variables. The package supports over 35 major probability distributions and provides facilities for defining new distributions.


Much of the functionality in the Statistics package is accessible through context menus. Context-sensitive functionality is available when selecting any data container (such as a Vector, list, or Array), known probability distributions (such as Normal(1,2)), or random variables.


Some related functionality regarding time series is available through the TimeSeriesAnalysis package.


For additional examples detailing the uses of the Statistics package, see one of the following five worksheets.

Data Smoothing


Hypothesis Testing

Probability Distributions

Robust Statistics


Below is the list of primary topics. See also Statistics[Commands] for an alphabetical list of Statistics commands.

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Data Smoothing Example Worksheet, Estimation Example Worksheet, Hypothesis Testing Example Worksheet, Probability Distributions Example Worksheet, Robust Statistics Example Worksheet, Statistics[Computation], TimeSeriesAnalysis

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