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Overview of Maplet Applications


A Maplet application is a graphical user interface containing windows, textbox regions, and other visual interfaces, which gives a user point-and-click access to the power of Maple.  Users can perform calculations, plot functions, or display dialogs without using the worksheet interface.


This help page provides an overview of the Maplet User Interface Customization System.

Example Maplet Application


This simple Maplet Application contains a textbox region, a button and a label prompting the user to enter an equation.



Maplet Application User


A Maplet application user is someone who interacts with a Maplet application.  For Maplet application users, see Hints for Maplet Application Users.


Several built-in Maplet applications are available in the Assistants and Tutors submenu of the Tools menu.

Maplet Application Author


A Maplet application author is a programmer who designs a Maplet application.



Maplet Application - A Maplet application is a collection of elements, including windows, their associated layouts, dialogs, and actions.  A Maplet application differs from a window and a dialog in that a Maplet application contains windows and dialogs.


Window - A window is a Maplet application element. A window should not be thought of as a Maplet application, but rather as one element within a Maplet application.  A Maplet application can contain more than one window.  Each window can contain many elements that control the layout and function of the window.


Dialog - A dialog is a Maplet application element. Unlike a window, which can contain elements, for example, buttons or layout elements, a dialog element has a predefined structure. An author can specify options for a dialog, but cannot add elements.


Elements - Individual components (called elements) are used to create a Maplet application, for example, windows, buttons, and check boxes.


Layout - A layout defines how elements within a Maplet application are displayed.

How to Create a Maplet Application


Maplet authors have the choice of building a Maplet application using the Maplets package (syntax-based) or the Maplet Builder (GUI-based). The Maplet Builder is available only in the Standard Worksheet interface.


To program a Maplet application using the Maplet Builder, see Overview of the Maplet Builder.


To program a Maplet application using the Maplets package, see Roadmap to Creating Maplet Applications.


For experienced Maplet application authors, see Maplets Index.

Creating Maplet Applications for use on the Web via MapleNet


For information on writing Maplet applications that can be used in MapleNet web content, see Authoring Maplet Applications for MapleNet.

Maplet Application Viewer


The Maplet Application Viewer launches a Maplet application outside a Maple session.

Java [TM] Technology


Maplet applications use the Java Runtime Environment[TM].

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