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How do I...

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Maple's Tutorials are designed to help you get started with Maple, learn about the key tools available in Maple, and lead you through a series of problems.


The How do I... topics cover essentials for doing mathematics in Maple.  Learn more about Maple's tools and features, such as palettes and context-sensitive menus.  Step-by-step examples are included to enhance your understanding.


Refer to Help > Quick Reference for basic getting started tips.

How do I...

...enter a simple expression?

...enter a function?

...enter a matrix?

...evaluate an expression?

...plot a function?

...enter a complex number?



Tools and Features


Context-Sensitive Menus

Command Completion

Equation Labels


Maple Help

Plotting Guide


Example Worksheets


Note for non-Windows users: The keystrokes given in this document are for Windows.  There will be differences for other platforms. If you are using a different platform, see Help > Quick Help for the list of the most common keystrokes.

Tools and Features

This section details the point-and-click tools and core features available in Maple to help you accomplish tasks quickly and easily. These features include palettes, context sensitive menus, and assistants.


Other Resources

Maple's Application Center offers over 1,500 Maple applications, Maplet applications, tutorials, Maple PowerTools, MapleSim models, and Maple packages for free download.


Maple Primes is a web community dedicated to sharing experiences, techniques, and opinions about Maple and related products, as well as general interest topics in math and computing.


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