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Lcm - inert lcm function

Calling Sequence

Lcm(a, b,...)


a, b, ...


multivariate polynomials over the rationals



The Lcm function is a placeholder for representing the least common multiple of an arbitrary number of polynomials with rational coefficients. Lcm is used in conjunction with mod or modp1 as described below which define the coefficient domain.


The call Lcm(a, b, ...) mod p computes the least common multiple of the polynomials modulo p a prime integer. The inputs must be polynomials over the rationals or over a finite field specified by RootOf expressions.


The call modp1(Lcm(a, b, ...), p) does likewise for polynomials in the modp1 representation.





See Also

Gcdex, lcm, mod, RootOf

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