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DEtools[mult] - multiply differential operators

Calling Sequence

mult(L1, L2,.., Ln, domain)


L1, L2, .., Ln


differential operators



list containing two names



This procedure computes products in the differential algebra CtDt. The multiplication in this ring is defined by Dta=ta+Dta for all a in Ct.


The argument domain describes the differential algebra. If this argument is the list Dt,t, then the differential operators are notated with the symbols Dt and t. They are viewed as elements of the differential algebra Ct Dt where C is the field of constants.


If the argument domain is omitted then the differential specified by the environment variable _Envdiffopdomain is used. If this environment variable is not set then the argument domain may not be omitted.


This function is part of the DEtools package, and so it can be used in the form mult(..) only after executing the command with(DEtools). However, it can always be accessed through the long form of the command by using DEtools[mult](..).






See Also

DEtools[DFactor], diffop, Ore_algebra/skew_product

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