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Helping Students Succeed
Solutions for Developmental Math

Maplesoft provides the math exploration and automated assessment tools you need to help your students learn, understand, and succeed in their developmental math courses.

Explore, Visualize, and Understand

With Maple, you can clearly demonstrate mathematical concepts, work through meaningful examples with your class, and empower your students to deepen their understanding by exploring on their own.

  • Clickable Math interactions let both instructors and students explore, visualize, and solve problems at the click of a button.
  • Step-by-step problem solving tools allow students to work through the conceptual steps of a problem so they can solidify their understanding and build confdence.
  • Rich visualizations help students understand their problems and solutions more deeply.

Practice, Practice, Practice

With Maple T.A., you can over your students unlimited, meaningful practice questions without adding to your workload.

  • Students get instant feedback, so they can feel confident in their abilities and correct misunderstandings immediately.
  • Adaptive testing provides extra reinforcement where it is needed, and helps students see exactly where they are going wrong.
  • Algorithmic questions means one question template can turn into hundreds of questions or more, so you can give your students as much practice as they need.

Assessment and Readiness Testing

Students succeed when they are in a course they are ready for. Maple T.A. gives you the tools you need to make this process effective and efficient.

  • Free-response math questions, graph sketching, and more let you truly assess student understanding in ways you simply cannot do with multiple choice.
  • Online testing simplifies administration and course scheduling by letting you do readiness testing early, even before students arrive on campus.
  • Automatic grading means you perform assessments frequently, so you can determine the needs of your students through the year.