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MapleSim B&R Connector

With the MapleSim Connector for B&R Automation Studio, you can extend your B&R toolchain by integrating high-performance, multidomain system models from MapleSim into B&R Automation Studio.

  • Complex engineering system models can be rapidly developed and optimized in the intuitive visual modeling environment of MapleSim.
  • The high-performance, high-fidelity MapleSim models are automatically converted to ANSI C code for easy inclusion into B&R Automation Studio.
  • The model code is fully optimized for high-speed real-time simulation, allowing you to get the performance you need for hardware, software, and operator-in-the-loop testing, without sacrificing fidelity.

Key Features

  • Exports any MapleSim model to B&R Automation Studio.
  • Creates ANSI C code for fast execution within B&R Automation Studio and the corresponding real-time platforms.
    • C code is created from the symbolically simplified system equations produced by MapleSim, resulting in compact, highly efficient models.
    • The resulting code is further optimized using the powerful optimization tools in Maple, ensuring fast execution.
  • Supports models that include MapleSim custom components, automatically incorporating any user-defined components.
  • Provides an easy-to-use MapleSim template with an intuitive step-by-step interface for setting parameters and options, browsing generated code, and exporting models to B&R Automation Studio.
  • Includes a set of Maple language commands, which provides programmatic access to MapleSim functionality as an alternative to the interactive interface and supports custom application development.
  • Allows generated C code to be viewed and modified


The MapleSim Connector for B&R Automation Studio accelerates any project that requires high-fidelity engineering models for hardware, software, and operator-in-the-loop applications, such as component testing, electronic controller development and integration, and operator training.

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