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What's New in Maple 2015

New tools for data handling, app development, visualization, teaching, and much more!

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Data Sets

Maple 2015 features a powerful new infrastructure for accessing and working with millions of data sets from both built in and online data sources.

Data Plots

Plotting data is substantially easier in Maple 2015 with a comprehensive new command that can be used to display many kinds of numerical data using a variety of 2-D and 3-D plots and animations.


The MapleCloud is now accessible from a web browser, giving you a powerful new option for deploying and sharing your Maple content.

Math Apps

Math Apps in Maple are interactive learning tools that can be used to explore concepts and engage students. With Maple 2015, there are now more than 400 Math Apps included with Maple.


Maple 2015 includes many new abilities and customization options for visualizations.

One-Step App Creation with Explore

The Explore command is an easy-to-use tool for creating interactive applications, as well as interactive functionality from the context menu. Maple 2015 introduces significant additions to Explore.

Programmatic Content Creation

For many years, Maple has made it easy to create rich technical documents and interactive applications. Now, with Maple 2015, it is possible to generate this content programmatically as well as interactively.

Interactive Components

Maple 2015 offers new and improved components to give you more flexibility in your application development.


Maple 2015 can find solutions for new classes of integrals, and produces results in more compact forms.


The limit command has been enhanced for improved handling of bivariate rational functions with non-isolated singularities.

Group Theory

Maple now provides even more support for constructing, visualizing, and computing with groups.

Iterative Maps

New iterative maps can be used to compute graphic images representing bifurcation diagrams, escape-time and related fractals, and attractors.

Differential Equations

Maple can now find numeric solutions to delay differential initial value problems.

Polyhedral Sets

Maple 2015 has new functionality for working with polyhedral sets.


Maple 2015 includes a new package for computing with ordinal numbers in Cantor normal form.

Mathematical Functions

Maple now provides even more tools for the exploration and computation of mathematical functions.


Physics enhancements in Maple 2015 provides increased robustness and versatility, particularly in the areas of vector analysis, symbolic tensor manipulations, quantum mechanics, and general relativity.


The Finance package includes additional support for the "Greeks" risk management tools, and more.


Maple 2015 further broadens its support for statistics with new computation and visualization abilities.

Statistics Education

Maple 2015 further expands support for teaching and learning statistics with new Clickable Statistics tools.


Computations involving units are now easier and more natural than ever.

Code Generation

Maple's code generation abilities have been further expanded with support for R and JavaScript.


Maple 2015 makes it easier than ever to import and export data in Maple.


Performance and efficiency improvements result in faster, more efficient computations throughout the product.

Grid Computing

Maple 2015 makes it even easier to initiate parallel jobs with a simple and intuitive interface for running commands and dealing with data in parallel.

Language and Programming

Maple 2015 includes many improvements to the Maple language.

Additional Improvements

Maple 2015 includes many improvements, small and large, to enhance usability.

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