With Maple’s equation editor, you can express complicated mathematical problems easily using standard mathematical notation.

Intuitive, rapid problem entry

  • Over 25 fill-in-the-blank templates are available for common operations, including integrals, derivatives, and function definitions.
  • Automatic formatting for common commands: the ^ key automatically moves the cursor to the exponent position, and the / key creates a division bar and moves the cursor to the denominator.
  • Symbol completion allows you to quickly insert a symbol.  You do not need to know the exact name; you only need to enter the first few characters of the symbol name.
  • Palettes are conveniently docked beside your main workspace. You can expand, collapse, remove, and reorder palettes, so frequently used ones are easily accessible.
  • Implicit multiplication: 3x  is the same as 3•x.

Math that “looks right”

  • Supports multiple notations for the same concept. For example, , , and all represent the derivative of y with respect to x.
  • Extensive layout control: superscripts, subscripts, over, under, pre-superscripts, and pre-subscripts.
  • Over 1000 symbols are available.
  • Typesetting rules can be modified to change the display and interpretation of particular commands and symbols.

Watch a Demonstration
The equation editor is used throughout the Maple demonstration movies. In particular, see:

Visit the Demonstration Center to view others.

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