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Current Media Coverage

Maple T.A. Successfully Refreshes Math Skills at the Technical University of Vienna
February 10, 2015
Process and Control Today
To help the students at Vienna UT whose math skills were not at the required level expected of high school graduates, the research group of Prof. Breitenecker developed a refresher course that would be offered in the weeks leading up to the start of the semester, with the goal of raising students’ mathematical proficiency. In order for the refresher course to be most effective, a web-based assessment system with automatic grading capable of handling mathematics was crucial. This is where Maple T.A. proved to be a crucial tool to ensure the success of the course.
University of Waterloo partners with Maplesoft for new online math program
February 2, 2015
Waterloo Chronicle
Maplesoft's online testing and assessment system, Maple T.A., and rich course materials developed by the University of Waterloo, come together to form the Secondary School Courseware project from UW. The courseware provides freely accessible, engaging content for use by high school teachers and students worldwide.
UW, Maplesoft team up to launch online math courses
January 26, 2015
The Record
Grade 12 students can now access a University of Waterloo website to further develop and practice their mathematical skills. A partnership between the University of Waterloo and Maplesoft has made the Secondary School Courseware project possible so that students around the world can deepen their comprehension of math topics that play a bigger role in more advanced math courses.
MapleSim Does Calculations at ABB Crane Systems
January 26, 2015
CAD Digest
ABB Crane Systems, the world's leading supplier of automation and electrical systems for container handling and bulk handling containers, wanted to develop improved automatic crane controllers. By suppressing the swinging motion, the controllers would hence improve their customers' operational safety and profitability. ABB Crane Systems asked Maplesoft Engineering Solutions experts to develop a high-fidelity model of the container and ropes of large automatic cranes.
Byrun, the Walking, Jumping, Hopping Robot, Built Using MapleSim Models
January 22, 2015
CAD Digest
Engineered Arts, a UK-based robotics company, is well on its way to bridging the gap between reality and fiction with its latest humanoid robot Byrun. A successor to the RoboThespian, Byrun will be a full-scale dynamic humanoid robot with the ability to walk, run, jump, and hop. He will also have a faster, stronger, more dexterous upper body that will revolutionize human-robot interaction.
University, Tech Provider Partner on Free Online Calculus Materials for High School
January 21, 2015
THE Journal
Working with Maplesoft, the University of Waterloo's Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) in Waterloo, Ontario, have launched a courseware site intended to support high school students and their teachers. The materials available on the site include interactive investigations and on-screen texts synchronized with audio to teach the concepts in 12th-grade Advanced Functions (precalculus) and Calculus and Vectors. There are also self-assessment questions, exercises and solutions.
Maplesoft and University of Waterloo Launch Online Mathematical Courseware
January 21, 2015
Mobile Master Pro
The first result of Maplesoft's collaboration with the University of Waterloo is the UW Secondary School Courseware project. The University's Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) has launched a courseware site designed to support high school students and teachers in their Pre-calculus and Calculus courses. Interactive investigations and on-screen text with synchronized audio teach the concepts from Grade 12 Advanced Functions (Pre-calculus) and Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors. In addition, self-assessment questions, exercises, and solutions help consolidate learning.
Battery Library Offers Physics-Based Models
January 8, 2015
Desktop Engineering
Anthony Lockwood highlights the MapleSim Battery Library in Desktop Engineering's Editor's Pick of the Week. The Library is an add-on to the system-level modeling and simulation tool MapleSim. The MapleSim Battery Library is useful for diverse applications involving battery modeling, from consumer electronics to hybrid vehicles and power electronics. To learn why the editor chose the MapleSim Battery Library, see
Tech & Learning's Awards of Excellence
December 23, 2014
Tech & Learning
Tech & Learning has chosen The Möbius Project as a winner of the 2014 Awards of Excellence program. The Möbius Project helps academic institutions to move their math-based STEM courses online. Judges were impressed by The Möbius Project's ability to help the user view mathematical solutions and review problems until concepts can be mastered.
Maplesoft Releases New Battery Library
December 5, 2014
Desktop Engineering
The new MapleSim Battery Library from Maplesoft is ideal for any modeling project that involves batteries. The library supports both equivalent circuit and electrochemical battery models, and includes parameter identification tools for determining model parameters.
New Battery Library for System Simulation with MapleSim
December 3, 2014
Digital CAD
The MapleSim Battery Library, an add-on component to the system-level modeling tool, allows engineers to understand and optimize a battery's behavior as part of a greater system in their system-level models. The library can be used in any modeling project that involves batteries, such as consumer electronics, electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, or power electronics.
Maplesoft announces Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite
November 24, 2014
Scientific Computing World
For the latest edition of the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite, Maplesoft has taken into account the results of recent research into methods of determining if a student is adequately prepared to handle upcoming courses. Also new in the latest version is an enhanced interface. Functionality is now available on both computers and tablets.
New version of Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite offers more concept readiness tests
November 21, 2014
OEM Off-Highway
The new Concepts Readiness Tests that are incorporated into the latest release of the Maple T.A. 10 MAA Placement Test Suite gives customers more options for efficient, effective placement testing, while instructors, students, and administrators will benefit from the new user-interface.
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