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Reviews & Press

First Look Review: Maple 10
Maplesoft's mathematics software can search its symbol library based on user-drawn images.

Maple 10 is “Highly recommended”

By Mike Hudspeth

“We all know experts. They've been around long enough to amass a powerful store of knowledge that we can tap to solve our problems when the going gets tough. But what happens when they aren't available? Have they retired? Are they on vacation? Wouldn't it be nice if we could somehow capture their expertise for reuse later?

Maple's live technical documents capture the whys of calculations. Users can add comments and suggestions to their math that explains what they were thinking when they plugged in a particular variable. Anyone can open the document later and understand the thinking behind the work. And Maple 10 doesn't make you convert units. You can enter inches and millimeters, liters and rods or whatever makes sense. Maple 10 knows what they are and will convert them to ten decimal places. That really makes things easy.

Excerpt taken from, “First Look Review: Maple 10”, Cadalyst, July 21, 2006.

Click here to read the entire review (.pdf file).