Improving the Administration of Mathematics Placement Tests - August 2006 Reviews and Press - Maplesoft
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Reviews & Press
Improving the Administration of Mathematics Placement Tests

By Scott Sutherland, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Mathematics, SUNY Stony Brook

“Stony Brook wanted to be able to administer the placement test before the students came to orientation and they wanted the students to be as prepared as possible. Maplesoft’s Maple T.A. addressed all of these issues by automating the entire process, from assessment to diagnostics, enabling the placement test to be done anytime, anywhere.”

“The faculty and staff are now able to quickly and easily compute the results. The campus has had fewer problems with 3,500 students in the first year of employing Maple T.A. The previous system could only handle a quarter as many students with far more student complaints on how to use the prior system. The adaptability of the tool with the ability to move the student to an easier or more advanced module based on performance in the current module provides better assessments of the student’s comprehension level.

The stress and chaos of registration day has been greatly reduced. The faculty and staff now know which math class students need to enroll in when they arrive at orientation.”

Excerpt taken from, “Improving the Administration of Mathematics Placement Tests", Campus-Technology, July 2006.

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