Math Does Matter in Analog Chip Design - May 2005 Reviews and Press - Maplesoft
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Reviews & Press

Math Does Matter in Analog Chip Design
by Tom Lee

"The reality is that formula-based calculation tools tend to contort engineering information into inefficient-if not dangerous-forms. As stated by Admiral Harold Gehman, Chairman of the Columbia [Space Shuttle] Accident Investigation Board, "Neither NASA nor the board are satisfied with the model." The admiral called it nothing more than an Excel spreadsheet, noting that critical engineering calculations were performed with tools that were never designed for engineering work."

"Engineering knowledge capture is perhaps one of the more subtle benefits of using an interactive math system. In some ways, the most important opportunity for productivity gains has less to do with solving a math problem. It has more to do with the formulation, management, and deployment of the problem and its solution. One of the first things that the math software industry discovered is that engineers do more than calculate and simulate. They explore, collaborate, communicate, test, present, and manage the diverse range of information that they need for the job."

Excerpt from "Math Does Matter in Analog Chip Design", Scientific Computing & Instrumentation, May 2005. Click here for the full article.