When It Comes to Product Design, Do the Math - April 2005 Reviews and Press - Maplesoft
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Reviews & Press

When It Comes to Product Design, Do the Math
By Paul Goossens

"There is a well-known adage that the design process in most cases consumes just 10% of project funds, but decisions made during that time determine 85% of all subsequent costs."

"So-called interactive math systems such as Maple get around the problem. They explicitly manage math information in a way that more closely resembles how engineers work. Such packages have been referred to as "spreadsheets on steroids" for the depth and speed of their math solvers. This is a gross oversimplification because interactive systems differ fundamentally from spreadsheets and most other packages used by engineers to do math calculations. And it is these differences that help engineers be more productive."

"It's been our experience that interactive math systems applied to the design process give up to 20X more bang for the buck than in any other stage of product development. And subsequent projects may see even greater benefit when design knowledge can be readily reused."

Excerpt from "When It Comes to Product Design, Do the Math" in Machine Design, April 2005.

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