Tapping into Maple’s Problem Solving Power - March 2005 Reviews and Press - Maplesoft
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Reviews & Press

Tapping into Maple’s Problem Solving Power
By John D. Binder

"Engineers today depend on a variety of software tools to help them do the work they are paid to do. Employers usually provide these tools, now that they have become a vital part of the engineering process. Often they are extensive and rather costly, providing more capability than the engineer really needs. In addition, unfamiliar tools may require several weeks of training, with proficiency coming only after actual use. For a casual user of these engineering tools, the ramp-up time is too long, and the engineer spends more time learning how to use the tool than in actually applying it to a project. One software program is looking to change all that. Maple is an environment for scientific and engineering problem solving, mathematical exploration, data visualization, and technical authoring."

"In another case, an engineer at Matsushita’s semiconductor development division is tasked with the design of large scale integrated (LSI) circuits. His team is designing specialized analog circuits and, more specifically, electronic filters and phase-locked loops. Maple is used during the early stages of circuit design, analyzing circuits, or calculating the precision of the LSIs that are designed."

Excerpts from "Tapping into Maple’s Problem Solving Power" in Aerospace America, March 2005

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