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To learn more about Maplesoft and what our products and technology can do for you, take advantage of any of our upcoming trade shows, conferences, and other Maplesoft events.

Maplesoft also offers free online webinars:

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The Maplesoft Seminar Series allows anyone to attend free, online events hosted by senior Maple experts covering a wide variety of topics in both commercial and academic realms. Join this list to hear about new online seminars and upcoming events as they are announced.

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June Events

French flag
Colloque Pedagogique Nationale GEII 2017
May 31 - June 2, 2017
Calais, France

Austria flag
B&R Innovation Days Austria
June 7-8, 2017
Salzburg, Austria

French flag
June 28-30, 2017
Lyon, France

July Events

Canada flag
Math Congress of the Americas
July 24-28, 2017
McGill U, Montreal

US flag
July 26-29, 2017
Chicago, IL

October Events

US flag
October 17-18, 2017
Plymouth, MI

French flag
October 22-23
Nantes, France

us flag
October 31- November 3
Anaheim, CA

November Events

US flag
November 9-12, 2017
San Diego, CA

us flag
OLC Accelerate
November 15-17
Orlando, FL