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"...allows me to interact with so many skilled and diverse people around the globe."

Sabine Bormann, Sales Rep Germany

"...and what I like best about this company is how focused it is on its people."

Tina George, Media Relations Manager

..."the best perk of all is the full gym on-site and the fitness classes!"

Derek Wright, MapleSim Product Manager

"I feel very much at home and the geeky atmosphere is GREAT!"

Erik Postma, Sr. Developer

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Karen Lamport, Corporate Concierge
As Maplesoft’s Corporate Concierge, I offer an employee benefit that few other employers can match. You can come to work without the worries of ‘sweating the small stuff’ during your busy work day.  The services I offer are part of an employee benefit program and I am proud to be part of a team that cares for their people and their well being.   A work life balance can help reduce stress that employees may feel when trying to balance daily responsibilities with a busy professional life. Concierge services offer advantages to corporations by decreasing employee absenteeism and boosting workplace productivity by allowing the employee to focus on their job without distraction.

I enjoy the daily personal interaction with the employees of Maplesoft and am proud to represent an employee oriented company….it’s a  win-win situation for myself and Maplesoft!

Sabine Bormann, Sales Rep Germany
One of the reasons I like working for Maplesoft is that it allows me to interact with so many skilled and diverse people around the globe. I have always wanted to be part of a multi-cultural environment that emphasizes teamwork. And yes, here I’ve got it!

Also bringing together customers and internal experts helps to build stronger relationships – and relationships is what it is all about; with your customers, with your colleagues - and beyond!

Tina George, Media Relations Manager
I have worked at Maplesoft for five years now, and what I like best about this company is how focused it is on its people. I have a lot of freedom to set my goals and work towards them. Ideas are always welcomed and innovation is encouraged. The working environment is very flexible, with much consideration for the employees' professional and personal needs. Apart from the healthy fruit and snacks that are in abundance every day, there are programs that motivate us to eat healthy and stay fit. Maplesoft focuses on the employees' overall growth, not just professional performance.
Kim Coe, Project Manager
Working at Maplesoft has been a great experience.

My career at Maplesoft began with a co-op work term in the Quality Assurance Group. As a math student, it was exciting to be testing and validating the software that I was using in my courses. Following my second work term, I joined the company full-time as a Technical Writer and at that time I was able to take advantage of the flexible work hours to complete my degree part-time.

One of the great advantages of working at Maplesoft has been the opportunity to work in various departments and to be involved in many different projects. I've learned a lot from the very smart and dedicated people that work here. I've also had the opportunity to be involved in some of the extra-curricular groups and activities at Maplesoft, including the softball team, fitness classes, and two canoe-camping trips to Algonquin Park.

Currently, as a Project Manager, I enjoy being involved in each stage of the development life cycle and seeing our products grow and improve with each release.
Stefan Vorkoetter, Senior Architect
One of the greatest things about working at Maplesoft is that what I am working on is something that is actually useful. A lot of the computer industry these days is focused on producing stuff that helps people use computers. It's sort of in a world of its own. Maplesoft on the other hand is producing software that helps people use computers to solve real problems.

I have worked on a number of interesting projects during my time here at Maplesoft, some that come to mind are MapleSim (current project), the ImageTools and AudioTools packages (2004), adding modular programming facilities to Maple (1999), designing and implementing the Maple debugger (about 1994), and of course, the MS-DOS port (1989).
Erik Postma, Sr. Developer
Maplesoft is one of the few places in the world where you can work on computer algebra research in a commercial setting. Mathematics and algorithm research/computer science are the two fields of research I'm passionate about, so it's great to be able to combine them here. Some of my more interesting projects include Maple's statistical algorithms; teaching Maple to some of our international contacts; helping Toyota make their simulations run more efficiently. The people at Maple are great. I feel very much at home and the geeky atmosphere is GREAT!
Heather Zunic, Marketing Communications Specialist
My role is an ongoing challenge that keeps my job exciting! From new booth designs to shipping across the globe and back again, dealing with customs, etc., there's never a dull moment. I have the opportunity to be responsible for putting all the background details together. Some additional job highlights are being able to organize an entire event from start to finish, being part of the decision making process in choosing new exhibit displays that represent Maplesoft around the world, last but not least I'm the promotional item buyer so I get to shop on someone else's budget. Need I say more?

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