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Applied Research: Operations Research

Maplesoft products are used extensively to develop analytical solutions that maximize the effectiveness of decision-making processes. With access to all of the analytical tools you need for advanced mathematical and statistical modeling and optimization, you can optimize business and design processes, make informed decisions using rigorous analytical techniques, and speed up solution delivery through collaborative development, prototyping, and deployment.

Products for Operations Research

  • Products:
  • Key Uses:
Predictive models and data analysis routines, using advanced mathematical programming, statistical and optimization techniques
Deterministic and probabilistic models of engineering, business and market dynamics to optimize operating parameters
Queuing and Markov Process computations
Sensitivity and trade-off analyses to derive business-relevant conclusions
Designing, prototyping, coding, testing, and debugging new algorithms and methodologies
Deploying new analytical processes into your enterprise systems
Rapidly translating research prototypes into production software
Maple Maple
The essential technical computing software for today’s mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

Global Optimization Toolbox Global Optimization Toolbox
World-class optimization technology in an intuitive environment.
MapleSim MapleSim
High-performance multi-domain modeling and simulation.

Operations Research Applications

Visualizing an Optimization Problem
Aspherical Lens Surface Identification - Non-Linear Fitting with the Global Optimization Toolbox
Traveling Salesman Problem
Comparison of Multivariate Optimization Methods
Optimal Portfolio Allocation and Economic Utility
Portfolio Optimization under Nonconvex Transaction Costs with the Global Optimization Toolbox

User Stories
Maplesoft’s Global Optimization Toolbox Plays Significant Role in Solving a Global Challenge
Maplesoft’s Global Optimization Toolbox Plays Significant Role in Solving a Global Challenge
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