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Applied Research: High-Performance Computing

Maplesoft’s solutions for high-performance computing (HPC) give you a solid framework for solving your challenging, large-scale mathematical problems. Maplesoft products offer powerful and efficient algorithms, a math-aware programming language supporting task-based and traditional multi-threading models, built-in multi-core support, and a flexible distributed computing infrastructure.

Products for High-Performance Computing

The essential technical computing software for today’s mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

Grid Computing Toolbox
Grid Computing Toolbox
The distributed computing solution for large-scale technical computations.
Global Optimization Toolbox
Global Optimization Toolbox
World-class optimization technology in an intuitive environment.

High-Performance Computing Applications

Optimization in Parallel
Monte Carlo Integration with Parallelism
Computing a Convex Hull – Parallel Algorithm
Interactive Multi-Threaded Mandelbrot Set Explorer
Multi-Threaded Monte Carlo Integration of a Single-Variable Function
Multi-Threaded Monte-Carlo Calculation of Pi