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    Home : Application Briefs : Maple Optimizes Controller Design to Guide the Motion of a Maglev Train

Maple Optimizes Controller Design to Guide the Motion of a Maglev Train

Application Briefs
An Electromagnetic Suspension (EMS) Magnetically Levitated (Maglev) train uses the attractive forces of magnets, positioned below a ferrous metal guideway, to levitate a train and guide its motion. To prevent collision with the guideway, a constant air gap must be maintained at all times between the train and the guideway, regardless of a change in direction or angle of the track, inconsistencies in the guideway, or environmental forces such as wind.

The challenge: To design a robust feedback controller and optimize the control parameters to guide the motion of a Maglev train along the guideway.

The engineers use Maple to:
• Create, from first principles, a linear model of the new system
• Develop the control system, including both acceleration feedback and a PID controller. The acceleration feedback allows the air gap to be increased or decreased according to disturbances, so that there is no unwanted response. This results in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Maglev DiagramBy using Maple, the design time takes only a few days, instead of the weeks required by traditional methods. Additionally, capturing the design knowledge in a single Maple document makes replicating or expanding the analysis straightforward in the future.

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