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LQR Control Design for an Inverted Pendulum on a Cart System

In this example we show how an inverted pendulum sitting on top of a cart can be controlled using an LQR controller. The pendulum is perturbed by a pulsed torque after five seconds in two second intervals.

Attachments: The plant.msys file is the linearized version of the plant model. This file was generated using the Linearization template attached to the model. Once the system has been linearized, the plant.msys file is used by the Linear System Worksheet template to create an LQR controller for the plant model.

The control strategies used in this model, together with others, are explored in more detail in the application State-Feedback and Observer-Based Control Design.


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Model: LQR Control Design for an Inverted Pendulum on a Cart System

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Model Images
  • LQRControlDesignInvertedPend MapleSim allows for high fidelity plant modeling in addition to controller design capabilities.
  • Model Model diagram of the inverted pendulum and controller
  • Subsystem Subsystem showing the inverted pendulum model and perturbing torque
  • 3dimage 3D rendering of the inverted pendulum
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