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Generic 4-Wheeled Vehicle with Independent Suspension

This model is a 4-wheeled vehicle with simple prismatic spring-dampers to model the independent suspension at each wheel. This topology, frequently referred-to as the “Sayers model”, is often used by engineers who want to simulate the essential handling and braking behavior of an automobile without the need for detailed suspension components, although they may be incorporated, if necessary. The model uses a Pacejka tire to model the tire/contact patch interaction and the tire transients.

This model uses the MapleSim Tire Library.


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Model: Generic 4-Wheeled Vehicle with Independent Suspension

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Model Images
  • Gen4WheeledVehicleIndySusp Tire models can be incorporated to provide a realistic contact model for vehicle models.
  • Model Model diagram of chassis with steering input
  • Plot XY motion of the vehicle
  • subsystem Subsystem showing detailed Sayers topology of chassis