Customer Wish List

You spoke, we listened. Maple 18 features a number of enhancements suggested by customers and the Maple user community, including:

  • Not only is searching the Maple help system faster and more powerful, the new help search box makes finding Maple content easier than ever.
  • A new Calculus palette includes templates for easy insertion of double integrals and dot derivatives.  

  • Plot size can be programmatically controlled using the new size option.
  • It is now possible to use background images and colors on plots.  

  • Numerous embedded component enhancements such as border control and the password property for text areas.
  • The new CycleIndexPolynomial command in the GroupTheory package was implemented in response to a customer request.  

  • You can now return a sorted sequence of the entries or indices of a table using the new indexorder option.
  • Many new context menu operations have been added for the Student packages . In addition, the context menus for Student packages have been sorted into one easy to find sub-menu.  

  • The new LinearSolveSteps command in the Student Basics package makes it possible to see the step-by-step breakdowns for expanding and simplifying mathematical expressions.