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Maple V Calculus Labs, Second Edition

Maple V Calculus Labs, Second Edition

A. Fattahi


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This collection of lab sessions for use with Maple V will help students learn to use the computer algebra system to problem solve. 26 different sessions cover such calculus topics as limits of functions, the derivative, graphs in polar coordinates, vectors, and many others.

All commands are compatible with Release 3 (and Release 2) of Maple V. Source code for all nonstandard function used in various labs is included in a new appendix (can be saved as .m files). The arrow notation is used in defining functions to help reduce common syntax errors.

An entirely new lab on space curves has been added to this edition.

Table of Contents
Lab 1. Introduction to Maple.
Lab 2. Functions.
Lab 3. Limits of Functions.
Lab 4. The Derivative.
Lab 5. Newton's Method for Solving Equations.
Lab 6. Graphs of Polynomial Functions.
Lab 7. Graphs of Rational Functions.
Lab 8. Areas Under Curves and Integrals.
Lab 9. Evaluating Integrals by S

Other Details
Language: English
ISBN: 0-534-26208-2
Publisher: Brooks/Cole

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