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Precalculus, 1st edition

Precalculus, 1st edition

Douglas J. Faires
J. DeFranza


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Precalculus presents the course as it was intended to be taught - it provides students with an integrated review of algebra and trigonometry while focusing on the calculus concepts they'll need to know. Faires and DeFranza wrote this book because they believe students too often leave a precalculus class unprepared to go on. Although students who complete a precalculus course generally have had plenty of algebra and trigonometry review, they often lack the grounding in analysis and graphing necessary to make the transition to calculus. This streamlined text provides all the mathematics that students need--it doesn't bog them down in review, or boggle them with too much, too soon. And the authors have been careful to keep this book, unlike many of the precalculus books on the market, at a length that can be covered in one term. The review of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry is woven through the text to help students fill gaps in their pre-precalculus background.
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Language: English
ISBN: 0-534-25236-2
Publisher: Brooks/Cole

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