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New Features in Maple 15: HTTP Connectivity

Maple 15 makes it easy to connect to web sites using the new HTTP package. You can connect to data feeds, online databases, and other sources of internet and intranet information, and incorporate that data automatically into Maple applications. Using this functionality, you can access the vast amounts of data available on the Internet, analyze the data using the computation and visualization tools in Maple, and create interactive applications that allow others to explore and interact with the data easily.

• Access live information feeds, such as financial market data, and static information, such as the geographic coordinates of the capital cities of the world or historical weather data.

• With Maple, detailed knowledge of the HTTP standard or the TCP/IP protocol is not required.

• Data sets, images, and other content can be imported directly into the Maple environment so you can use the power of the Maple computational engine to create your own custom applications.

• It is easy to utilize web APIs to generate content or retrieve data.

• Save data locally once or connect every time to manage large amounts of data or to ensure up-to-date results.
• Access both Internet sites and local network intranet sites within your organization.

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