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Maple 13 Maple 13

Released: 2009

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Feature Highlights

Here are some of the many features introduced in Maple 13.
Differential Equations Revolutionary techniques for finding solutions to differential equations that are beyond the scope of standard methods. It greatly extended the event-handling abilities for numeric solutions and enhanced the abilities and performance of the high-index DAE solvers.
Polynomial system solving Extensions to the polynomial systems and root-finding algorithms in Maple 13 provided another approach to determining the parameter conditions under which specified types of solutions exist. This ability is particularly useful in designing control systems.
Graph Theory The GraphTheory package contains new tools for analyzing and visualizing graphs and their properties, as well as new algorithms, predefined graphs, and more.
Vector Calculus Task Templates Vector Calculus Task Template enhancements provided new templates and improved notation support to make these notationally challenging problems easier to set up and the results easier to interpret.
3-D Plot Annotations Plot annotation support allows you to add additional information to your 3-D plots, making them more meaningful, attractive, and easier to interpret.
Fly-Through Animations Gain additional insight from your 3-D plots as a virtual camera flies through, over, under, into, and around your surface, letting you focus on points of interest from any angle to understand the trends and behavior of surfaces.
Full Rotational Control of 3D Plots Manipulate 3-D plots using all three angles of rotation. Plots can be positioned in any manner to highlight points of interest with ease.
Plotting with Units Create 2-D and 3-D plots of expressions involving units.
Step-by-Step Tutorials New step-by-step tutorials provided a comprehensive overview of important Maple concepts.
Online help system Maplesoft Online Help offers all of the help documents that are built into Maple, MapleSim, and select add-on products.
Database connectivity Maple 12 allows engineers and scientists to quickly develop and deploy powerful applications that combine large enterprise datasets with the state-of-the-art analysis and visualization tools of Maple.
Application Development
CAD Connectivity: NX (R) CAD connectivity support was extended from SolidWorks® and Autodesk Inventor® to include NX®.
Element-wise operations Element-wise operations for applying functions to all members of a structure provide a powerful and easy way to separate data structure operations from mathematical operations, simplifying application development.
Multithreaded task programming A new, simpler multithreaded programming model.
Point-and-click tools for control system design Point-and-click access to powerful tools for control systems design.
Maple Portal The Maple Portal provides a starting point for hundreds of common tasks.
Worksheet migration assistant Easily transform old-style Maple worksheets to the modern format, so that you can take advantage of recent advances in the Maple interface while continuing to benefit from your older content.
Copy as MathML Support for the MathML standard was expanded. In addition to command-based conversion tools, Maple 13 added copy-and-paste transfer of information from Maple to other applications that support MathML.
Export to PDF Export a Maple worksheet to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file that can be opened in a PDF reader such as Adobe ® Acrobat ®.
Numerical Analysis for students The Student[NumericalAnalysis] package is designed to support the teaching and learning of numerical analysis.
Step-by-Step Calculus Tools The Student[Calculus1] package provided enhanced step-by-step solutions for Calculus problems.
Complex Variables tutors New interactive tutors to explore the properties of complex variables.
Improved equation manipulator The Equation Manipulator enables you to easily perform mathematical operations on equations through the use of buttons and menus.
Maple Portal for Math Educators The Maple Portal provides a starting point for hundreds of common tasks.

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