McMaster Team Wins Award
for Project Using MapleSim Connector

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MapleSim Model

Maplesoft congratulates Ephrem Chemali and Lucas McCurlie of McMaster University for winning the second prize in the 2014 MATLAB® and Simulink® Design Challenge. In the winning project titled "Passive and Active Balancing of Li-ion battery cells," this duo formulated balancing techniques to improve the lifespan and overall performance of batteries, and used the MapleSim Connector  to get a realistic view of the balancer.

This project makes excellent use of a physics-based model of a Li-ion battery created using MapleSim. This model simulates and compares two different ways to model a Li-ion battery pack. Working closely with the Maplesoft Engineering Solutions team, the winners used the MapleSim Connector to integrate the high fidelity battery model as an s-function into Simulink®. Through the use of unique symbolic computation techniques in MapleSim, the team was able to generate extremely fast model code for optimization and in-the-loop testing, without sacrificing fidelity in their system-level model.

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Listen to Ephrem Chemali and Lucas McCurlie describe their project: Watch Video

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