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Applied Research: Financial

Maplesoft provides the essential math environment for financial and quantitative analysts. With the most powerful symbolic and numeric solvers in the world at their fingertips, analysts can access all of the mathematical, statistical, and code generation tools they need to analyze data and create forecasts, measure risks, and develop econometric and quantitative algorithms to support their market-making strategies.

Products for Financial Modeling

  • Products:
  • Key Uses:
Quantitative models for pricing and hedging
Analytical development of predictive models for market, credit and operational risk assessment
Development of calibration tools
Rapid prototyping and benchmarking of models, products and analytical techniques
Scenario analysis
Probabilistic Modeling and Analysis
Statistical/Monte Carlo simulation
Stochastic modeling
Data regressions
Econometric research and modeling
Communication and deployment of complex solutions and algorithms
Maple Maple
The essential mathematical computing software for today's technical professionals. Maple includes over 100 functions designed specifically for quantitative financial modeling and analysis.

Global Optimization Toolbox Global Optimization Toolbox
A tool for finding the best possible solution in nonlinear decision models.

Financial Modeling Applications

Financial Modeling in Maple
An Interactive Stock Quote Importer
Options with Foreign Exchange Adjustment
The Labor-Leisure Choice
Financial Engineering and Maple
Optimal Portfolio Allocation and Economic Utility

User Stories
Financial Engineers at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International Use Maple in Multi-asset Product Developments
Financial Engineers at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International Use Maple in Multi-asset Product Developments
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