Many people use Maple as part of their main occupation. They have access to Maple through an employer or use Maple as part of their studies. As a result, they often have access to Maple at home.

But not everyone who wants to use Maple falls into these categories. That’s why Maplesoft offers the Maple Personal Edition. The Maple Personal Edition is for people who want to use Maple to experiment, explore, or simply play. Not because they are trying to solve a tough problem for work; not because they are trying to make money; not because they have an assignment due. These people want to use Maple because the world of mathematics and technical computation is endlessly fascinating. And because Maple is fun.

Fun Maple Applications

The Maple Personal Edition contains the full power of Maple. It’s the same product the professionals use, only at a much lower price. Please contact a Maplesoft Sales Representative or your local reseller to see if you qualify for a Maple Personal Edition License.

Maple Personal Edition Terms of Use

The Maple Personal Edition is intended for personal use only, and cannot be used for commercial, academic, non-profit, or student use. Contact a Maplesoft Sales Representative or visit our web store to purchase other editions of Maple. Maplesoft Elite Maintenance is not available for the Maple Personal Edition.

Available for
Contact Maplesoft Sales to purchase

* Price listed is in USD for customers in the United States. The price varies in other regions.


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